Hello our dear customers. We want to make your lives better by selling luxury paintings for any occasion. Whether its a present for a friend or decoration for your home. You should be reminded that paintings are the Elixir of the spirit that gives life, power, and action to the impulse of thought. Our friend once said, that when he is looking at a blank wall he feels stressed.  But when there is your favourite painting it makes you feel good and inspiring.  And we are proud to be part of it. If you didn’t get a chance to go around the world yet, why not get yourself a painting, so you can visualise you self in there and disappear in it. There is so much Artwork around the world and it’s piling in the corner when it should be hanging on the walls, so everyone can enjoy it. Something for the people. Something nice to look at. What makes us unique: We maintain the constant pursuit of perfection and elegance in every aspect of the job. Original paintings are big and expensive that’s why Deniss is offering you A3 sizes for a reasonable prices. So you still can enjoy it )  


You can also e-mail us your photos.

All frames come with a glass and hangers.